Top Burgers Near Apartments In Haltom City

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Burgers are an American classic. They can be easy to make in your apartments in Haltom City, but they never taste quite as good as when you get one fresh off the grill. Dress them up or keep it simple, burgers are always delicious. Pair them with some crispy fries and it is the ultimate meal.


When the craving hits, it’s easy to swing by the drive-thru of your favorite burger chain. Since we love supporting our local Haltom City businesses, we’ve decided to make a list of some local joints that will make you want to go back time again and time again. This blog will uncover some hidden gems near The Grand at Beach and we hope you enjoy the recommendations.


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OC Burgers


OC Burgers serves up Texas-sized California flavor. On the menu, you can find burgers topped with their fair share of guacamole and bacon, in addition to simple cheeseburgers. The California Avocado burger instantly caught our attention. For those of you who prefer an alternative to beef, they offer a variety of grilled chicken burgers too.


Easily turn your meal into a combo by adding fries. If you’re going with a crowd take advantage of their OC Family Pack Special, which includes 4 sets of burgers, fries, and drinks. This fast casual joint also has an extensive breakfast menu, making it a great stop for any meal.


If you’re in a rush go ahead and order online so you’re food is ready as soon as you are.


Clown Burger


Don’t be dismissed by the plain exterior of Clown Burger. This place is a family-owned Haltom City staple and has been around for more than 50 years. Clown Burger will transport you back in time and is the place to go for a simple, old-fashioned greasy burger and fries.


Be sure to hit up the ATM before heading over to Clown Burger as this place is cash-only. Their hours can be found on Facebook and we recommend double-checking them ahead of time as they close earlier than many restaurants.

Burger Box


As one Yelp reviewer described it, Burger Box is a “diamond in the rough”. They offer a no-fuss menu in an old-school setting. You can’t go wrong with their onion rings, crinkle fries or tater tots as a side with your flat-grilled burger. For those on the go, you can take advantage of their drive thru window and eat back at apartments in Haltom City.


If you still have room in your stomach Burger Box also serves Blue Bell ice cream.


We know we probably made you hungry and are craving a burger. Perfect, that was the point of this blog!


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